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International Health and Travel Insurance

Norbert Fuss - Insurance Broker since 1984

Insurance is a matter of trust, and when it comes to your health it is very important to have a cover, which ensures you peace of mind regardless of where you are.

Everybody can become ill or injured, but people living abroad or in countries with limited possibilities of treatment
are generally more vulnerable in case of serious illness or injury, which is why it is important to
choose a health insurance company with very high standards

Our insurance companies provides prompt and responsive services in all situations: emergency assistance, claims reimbursement, queries and general administration, and the international coverage ensures you
access to the best hospitals, clinics and doctors around the world

We offer you and your foreign guest’s health and travel insurance services for private and business travel and for stays abroad

Our international health insurance services protect German nationals abroad and foreign visitors in Germany. Whether your are planning a private vacation, a business trip or an educational trip, for example as an au-pair, to study a language, on a business assignment or as a student, with us you will find the right international insurance policy adapted to your specific needs.

We can provide free quotes on health insurance and medical insurance with worldwide

coverage to expatriates anywhere in the world

An online application for Worldwide Medical Cover and International Health Insurance is possible

See Product Overview for an overview of all international insurance products with online application

Travel Insurance Overview (Online app.)

Care Economy - Visitors of the EU (Online app.)

Care Expatriate - Travel Insurance until 5 years (Online app.)

Care College - Student (Online app.)

Care Travel - Private and Business until 1 year (Online app.)

BDAE - International Health Insurance (Online app.)

Pacific Cross - International Health Insurance

IHI - Bupa - International Health Insurance

Bupa International Health Insurance

Worldwide International Health Insurance Comparison(About 30 Companies)

Blue Cross - Philippines Health Insurance

April - International Health Insurance

InterGlobal International Health Insurance

ALC Healthcare - International Health Insurance

William Russell - International Health Insurance

LMG Pacific Thailand - Health Insurance

Health Care International - Health Insurance

Pacific Cross Major Health Insurance for Thailand

NZI - Health Insurance for Thailand

April Asien Health Insurance for Thailand

Blue Cross Vietnam - Health Insurance

Pacific Cross Major - Health Insurance for the Philippines

April Asien - Health Insurance for Indonesia

Pacific Cross Asian - Singapore Health Insurance

April Asien - Health Insurance for Malaysia

April Asien - Health Insurance for the Philippines

 April Euro Cover - Health Insurance for Europe and North Afrika


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